1903 Guard Staff

Anamosa Penitentiary

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ASP staff, 1903. This classic photo was taken at the back steps of the dining hall. First row (l-r): George Walker, George Beaman, A.A.Fife, Harry Smith, Harry Powers, Dr. Samuel Druett, H.H.Kratovil, Wm.D.Thomas 2nd row: Martin McCarty, C.I.Nelson, W.A.Hubbard, John Edwards, Michael Boos, J.Mitchell. 3rd row: J.A.Brummitt, Benbow, C.W.Pulley, H.G.H.Harper, Conner, Oscar Svanberg 4th row: B.G.Rees, C.E.Bauserman, Charles Gould, H.F.Hardt, G.Gwehle, Tip Patterson, George Seeley. 5th row: Graham, J.N.Noel, Lieberknecht, B.F.Morse 6th row: James Taylor, J.H.Lowe, C.D.Stout, Bert Waggoner.