From the April 2, 1904 Prison Press

With a powerful punching-machine hitched to a small engine, a force of men may be seen at the east side of the Kitchen punching 7/8" holes through plates of steel and riveting together the parts which form the heavy trusses that will support the roof on the North Cellhouse. It is an all-summer's job. Officer Haardt's men have been at work for two weeks cutting holes in the walls for the steel beams. Some of the roof steel is 48 feet in length. All the work of punching and fitting the steel and putting it in place will be done by inmates.

From the April 30, 1904 Prison Press

Moving the big steam-derrick in the North Cellhouse fifty feet south without taking it down was the creditable achievement of the derrick force this week. By a skillful manipulating of the guy-wires, the huge derrick was moved along on top of its 40-foot base without apparent difficulty. The work of hoisting in place the huge steel trusses for the roof will begin shortly. Chief Beaman has twelve of the seventeen trusses ready for hoisting into place.