From the May 25, 1904 Prison Press


Another sad accident, which resulted in the death of Edwy Surbert, 5120, at 2:30 PM Wednesday occurred at 10:30 AM of the 25th inst. Surber was engaged at the time with the foreman of derricks replacing a stone that had been displaced on the turret on the northwest corner of the North Cellhouse. The light piece of pine he was using to support himself and the stone broke, precipitating him to the top of the wall some thirty feet below. Officer Edwards who is stationed in the tower at that point witnessed the fall and quickly jumped to Surber's assistance to prevent him going to the ground forty feet farther down. Assistance was quickly summoned. With the aid of a stretcher and ropes, he was lowered to the yard. His right arm was broken and splintered so badly the bones protruded through the flesh. Otherwise, except for the death-pallor in his face there were no outward indications of serious injury. If he was in pain he bore his suffering with remarkable nerve, remaining conscious for the three hours he lived and even smiling in recognition of those around him.

Prison Physician Druet, assisted by Hospital Steward Kratochvil held a postmortem examination and found that Surber's death was due to hemorrhage of the mesenteric artery. The body was interred in the Colony (prison) cemetery.

Edwy Surber was a young man 26 years of age. He was received in November, 1903, from Sac County, to serve two years.