Stories and Writings

An incredible amount of material has been written over the one and one-quarter centuries of the Penitentiary's existence. Some of the most interesting an entertaining stories were carried in local newspapers, both city and prison. The microfilm archive at the Anamosa library contains a wealth of information about the Penitentiary. Several years of the Anamosa Prison Press are also available.

If you see text of a different color contained in the stories below, click on it! It is a "hyperlink" that will take you to photos or other material relevant to the story you are reading!

  2. Anamosa's unique role in Iowa corrections.
  3. Anamosa's first 20 convicts.
  4. The Strange Case of Wesley Elkins.
  5. News account of construction accident which killed 3 inmates.
  6. Another construction accident, this one while building North House.
  7. Another North House construction fatality
  8. Putting on the North House roof.
  9. Another youngster sentenced to ASP.
  10. The story of Gateman Gill and Inmate Dilley.
  11. Account of a bloody escape attempt in 1886.
  12. Account of a daring escape attempt, by ruse rather than force.
  13. She just wanted some wheels!
  14. One of many written historical summaries of ASP.
  15. A fascinating compilation of ASP history, written by Anamosa historian Bertha Finn.
  16. The Great Fire of 1896.
  17. Nosy Williams fought the law, and the law won.
  18. Account of female inmate's death.
  19. An account of the Warden's new residence (upper floors of the administration building.
  20. Caroline Thomas obituary (1893).
  21. Crimes and Sentences.
  22. Employment Application and Employee Rules, 1912.
  23. Quarry Escape, 1897
  24. Quarry Escape, 1898
  25. A funny thing happened on the way to Anamosa...
  26. Tours: two bits
  27. Thomas Mollet, 32 years of service to Iowa. Click HERE for a small photo of Mr. Mollett.
  28. A Tour of the Prison: 1898
  29. The Making of Butter Tubs
  30. Sentenced to hang.
  31. Martin McCarty, 49 years as ASP officer. Click HERE for Mr. McCarty's obituary.

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