from the January 7, 1932 Anamosa Journal


State Officer For 49 Years

Martin McCarty, for many years a resident of Anamosa, while in the serviceof the state as an officer at the state reformatory, passed away at thehome of one of his daughters at Kewanee, Ill., last Thursday afternoon.Although he had retired from active work over two years ago, the deceasedheld the all-time record for continuous service in the local institution,and possibly in the state.

His career as a law enforcer and guardian of confined men began overfifty years before his retirement, in Mitchell County, where he servedas deputy sheriff. In 1881 he started work at the state penitentiary here,and lived to see a small institution grow into one of the finest institutionsof the type in the country. For forty-nine years Mr. McCarty served asa guard and officer. During the early days of the construction period ofthe prison, a tower was erected, and throughout the day Mr. McCarty couldview the entire prison yard. He was later transfered to a wall guard job,and during the greater portion of his service, his duties covered a twelvehour period daily. During the last four years of his service for the statehere, he served as guide for visitors who desired to visit the prison.His record of service over the many years best qualified him for the taskof his latter years.

An unfortunate accident was incurred by the deceased a little over twoyears ago (12/12/29), when he slipped and fell, fracturing a hip, whileon his way to work (ed.-- McCarty was hospitalized for thirteen weeks).The injury prevented him from reaching his goal -- fifty years as an employeeof the local institution, and it unquestionably shortened his colorfullife.

Mr. McCarty was a rugged man, and despite his serious injury and advancedage, he recovered sufficiently to be able to spend his declining yearswith his children. He frequently visited here after his retirement, wherehe enjoyed meeting his numerous friends.

Eleven weeks ago, while in Kewanee, he contracted a cold, which laterdeveloped into pneumonia and the end came last Thursday.

The deceased was a son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin and Elizabeth McCarty,and was born on a farm near Kenosha, Wisconsin, October 24, 1847, one ofsix children. In 1865 the family home was moved to Brownsville, MitchellCounty, where the father and his sons engaged in farming. In 1875 Mr. McCartywas united in marriage to Miss Mary Jordon of Milwaukee, at Charles City.Four children were born to this union, and the family home was moved toAnamosa in 1881. Mrs. McCarty preceded her husband in death, having passedaway May 30, 1917.

The deceased is survived by four children: W.F. McCarty of Ames; Mrs.J.W. Mills of Chicago; Mrs. H.P. Miller of Kewanee, Ill; and James J. McCartyof Chicage;, and he is also survived by six grandchildren.

Funeral services were held here Monday morning at 9:30 AM at St. Patrick'sCatholic Church. Rev. D.P. Mulcahy preached an eloquent sermon, payingtribute to the deceased who had so faithfully served his state. WardenC.H. Ireland and a large delegation of the local state employees attendedthe services in a body. The casket bearers were: J.N. Baumel, R.M. Peet;C.J. Cash; L.A. Miller; Frank Hayes; and S. T. McLaughlin. Interment wasmade in Holy Cross Cemetery.