Thanks to Anamosan Barb Kleis, another "stone book" has been discovered (it was buried in her back yard!). Although it's origin is unknown, it was undoubtedly carved by an Anamosa inmate at approximately the same time as the Barr book above. Was Rosebud someone's pet? Check out the front and back images of this piece and see for yourself.

(each image about 135K - be patient!)

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  It was 1892, and time for Carl Barr, Deputy Warden of the Penitentiary, to leave his job. His relative, Warden Marquis Barr, was winding up his first term as Anamosa Warden, and had taken a job as claims agent for the Minneapolis / St. Paul Railway. It was customary at that time for the Warden's appointees to depart when he did.

Not much is known about Carl Barr. He was a guard for only five months before being appointed to Deputy Warden. We also know that he was involved in resolving a major escape attempt, and was a central character in the Nosy Williams episode.

He must have made his share of friends, however. To commemorate his service at Anamosa, someone, probably an inmate, fashioned an extremely unusual memento: a piece of stone, resembling a small book. Intricate designs cover both sides. Despite wear and tear over the past century, the piece is in remarkably good condition. It was recently listed on the Ebay auction site, was procured by the Penitentiary Museum, and will be on display there.

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