The Farrington Collection

The photos below date from the late 1880's, and are among the oldest known images of the prison.
(Courtesy Larry Farrington)

(click thumnail image for larger view)

View from Carroll Street. Note boardwalk sidewalk flanking street.

Inmate digs at end of cellhouse, probably a cistern

Inmates break up rock on High Street in front of institution.

Ladies and gentlemen line up for prison tours. Cost was 25 cents each!

Old dining hall, decorated for Christmas. Note seated guards with spittoons!

Closeup of view at left.

An inmate displays what appear to be craft projects.

Diagonal train entrance at southwest corner of institution.

Living Unit C, looking south.

Closeup of photo at left, showing kerosene wall lamp with reflector.

Living Unit C, looking north.

Closeup of photo at left, showing officers at desk.

Original prison chapel.

Prison quarry.

Locomotive at quarry.

View of prison from hospital hill.

Closeup of photo at above right. Note administration building not yet "topped out" and porch not added.

Another closeup.