Penitentiary Staff -- 1911

Penitentiary staff pose with outgoing Warden Marquis Barr, before he handed over the reins to Warden McClaughry. The photo is an "image map", meaning you can click anywhere on the photo to zoom in on that particular area. Try it!

Employee names in the photo were taken from the January 7, 1932 Anamosa Journal, and are presented verbatim. Unfortunately, there are 72 names, but 74 persons in the photograph! That, combined with the erratic "rows" in the photo make identification of individual employees difficult. Names with an *asterisk* are also featured in the 1903 group photo.

Employees Pictured:

SEATED: Mrs. J.D. McCarn (Night, Women's Dep't), Miss Anna Treman (Matron), Miss Rose Fleisher (Stenographer), C.L. Parker (Clerk), Dr. T.C. Gorman (Physician), Warden Marquis Barr, C.C. Taylor (Deputy Warden), *J.H. Lowe (Ass't Deputy Warden), *H.V. Powers (Constructing Engineer), John Barrett (Masster of Quarry), *W.A. Hubbard (Turnkey).

STANDING, FIRST ROW: R. Kershner, *J.S. Taylor (Yard Officer), *C.C. Gould (Captain, Night Guards), P.E. Lowe, C.W.B. Derr (Storekeeper), J.C. Young (Tailor), B.I. Gable, O.D. Bunker, D.S. Ellison, S.A. Anderson, W.J. Snyder, *A.A. Fife (Sup't Wood and Derricks), M.D. Bagley, *M. Boos, *Martin McCarty.

SECOND ROW: J.W. Hull, E.J. Reed, Thomas Watters (Sup't Printing and Binding), M.E. Hansell (Engineer and Electrician), D.W. Wentworth, F.L. Brinacomb, W.H. Port (Custodian of Cellhouse), L.T. Hartman, D.E. Beam, *G. Gmehle (Gateman), G.W. Wade, A.M. Jones (Sergeant of Quarry), R.C. Bowman, M.B. Kenyon.

THIRD ROW: F.B. Beam, I.M. Drippes, P. Carbaugh, T.E. Patterson, T.E. White, H.T. Smith, W.H. Lohr, M.L. Byerly, H.A. Turner, J.E. Dorgeloh, J.I. Tarpenning, *C.E. Bauserman, R.G. Eckerman.

TOP ROW: E.A. Cromer (Sup't of Schools), W.H. Bye (Instructor in Music), W.W. Smith, F.B. Milsap, J.S. Outland (Night Turnkey), J.A. Williams, L.A. Trump (Receiving Officer), R.I Powers, L.D. Smith, A.W. Hamaker, C.D. Stout (Steward), S.D. Overfield, H. Alspaugh, W.E.P. Felker, M.F. O'Toole (Custodian of Cellhouse), R.L. Allen, W.E. Gassen, G.W. Hamaker (Usher), Armour Gould.