The first issue of the prison newspaper appeared in 1898. Recently we were fortunate enough to acquire, through a generous donor, an original issue from the newspaper's second year of publication. The Press was printed weekly, and was edited and composited by inmates. It offered religious and educational essays, along with happenings around the institution. Births, marriages, and deaths among the prison staff and their families were given full treatment. It was a different age. The faithful recording of day-to-day details in the Press has given us many insights about life "in durance vile" (the flowery, common term used in the Press to describe prison) over 100 years ago.

In one form or another, the inmates published The Prison Press, The Reformatory Press (after the 1907 name change), and, lastly, the Hawkeye until around 1970.

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Pages 1-15

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For the benefit of genealogists and other researchers, the following names are mentioned in this issue of the Prison Press:

Z.H. Gurley, William A. Hunter, G.H. Odell, William Larrabee, L.G. Kinne, John Cownie, L.A. Wilkinson, J.G. Mallory, Dr. Samuel Druet, Rev. E.G. Beyer, Mrs. A.M. Waterman, W.V. Smock, J.W. Sturdevant, A.A. Fife, C.A. Beems, Mose Watson, C.I. Nelson, Theo. Wall, C.C. Gould, C.H. Buckner, O.W. Treman, Maj. E.J. Gill, J.N. Hathaway, A.J. James, Louis Gaston, George Seely, T.E. Patterson, John Archibald, Fred Sadler, John Barrett, T.C. Mollett, H.R. Maskrey, R.C. Inger, G.C. Crawford, W.O. Anderson, B.B. Blackstone, H.C. Byers, C. Bowman, Arthur Banks, Jesse Bigley, E. Covell, E.M. Cowan, I.F. Douglas, Robert Ewing, Geo. S. Erwin, J.C. Gibson, T.C. Gregg, H.H. Henderson, M. McCarthy, J.W. Moorehouse, J.H. Black, J.H. Lowe, W.H. Seeley, H.A. Bauer, T.J. Mitchell, D.C. O'Brien, J.S. Outland, L.N. Criswell, C.F. Porter, Tom Perryman, Dan Ross, N.A. Rippey, L.H. Riddell, H.P. Smith, Truman Stone, J.H. Stewart, M.O. Stanwood, F.L. Stout, Wm. Thomas, G.H. Harden, C.F. Ellis, T.M. Wilds, Benj. Jennings, Mack Johnson, A.F. Loomis, Frank Keffeler, T.A. King, Bert Waggner, Francis Kidson, J.A. Wolfer, Sam Larimer, J.C. Young, Ed. Sawdey, Geo. W. Hamaker, J.D. Miller, M.C. Leslie, J. Diefenbach, A.F. Miner, W.J. Houlihan, Governor William T. Shaw, Matthew McCord, H.P. Gillilan, George Dewey, Julia Gurley, James McNutt, Chris Hansen, Peter Jorgenson, Judge Woolson, Wheeler, H. Cristoph, Rev. Bock, G. Miller, Mrs. S.R. Oldacker, Deputy Sheriff Henry, Miss Peet, Mrs. Carhart, Mrs. E.J. Wood, W.H. Hurd, C.W. Weyer, Deputy Sheriff A.J. Henry, B.F. Jones, John Lull, Editor Baldwin, Fred Steele, Rev. Giesel

Locations pictured include:
Invalid Ward, Dynamo Room, Tailor Shop, Derricks, Water Tower, Aged Prisoners, Quarry, Court, Cellhouse, Library / Chaplain, Dinner, Opera House, Howard's Pharmacy, Main Street, Park Avenue, High School, Insane Ward, Dispensary, Hospital Ward, Female Ward, Front View, Printing Office, Barber Shop